Fight against energy poverty in French Hauts de France Mining Territory. An ESR project embedded in Third Industrial Revolution.

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in French Hauts de France mining territory.



(French version available by clicking on the following link : Lutte contre la précarité énergétique dans le bassin minier Nord-Pas de Calais – un projet RSE ancré dans la Troisième Révolution industrielle.)

An overall project

 Deeply attached to its core values, the French « Association des Communes minières » (ACM) enrichies its mission so as to develop and increase actions  against the climate change. Hence, it takes up some targetted third millemnium challenges :

  • To manage to balance energy independance and energy efficiency
  • To better control energy consumption and fight against energy and fuel poverty
  • To contribute to environmental protection
  • To ensure harmonious territorial development  on societal and economical points of view
  • To increase job creation.

The policy action choosen by the ACM relies on public awareness campaigns focused on energy saving. So, to the local authorities involved, it offers to deploy a challenging project organized in four phases:

  • ACM_avionPhase 1: to complete a thermal buildings airbone mapping and a public lightning airbone mapping
  • Phase 2: to present the results to the local authorities
  • Phase 3: to organize local events so as to present the results to the citizens and builduing owners. The aim is to raise citizens awareness about energy efficiency buildings
  • Phase 4: to develop supports to the citizens and builduing owners (nature of the work to be conducted, funding methods…) and to uptate in real time information about the project.





An ambitious social and societal European project

ACM_thermographie_3Contributing to raise citizen awareness to energy saving and energy efficiency building improvement, ACM plays a major role in fighting against energy poverty and fuel poverty.
Moreover, the thermal buildings and public lightning airbone mappings   are the basis of the most important European project ever completed: 293  muncipalities and 1.3 millions of citizens.







A project based on an enlightened and inclusive governance


From the very beginning of the project, the ACM has been concerned to implement the widest governance including all the socio – economic territories agents.

Likewise, during the project management, ACM systematically involves the consultation of outside experts so as to ensure seriousness, credibility, reliability and sustainaibility of all the décisions and actions undertaken.




An ESR project embedded in Third Industrial Revolution Reflexion.

ACM_Audrey_DEUDONWhile  organizing the project management, Marc BOURDEAUD’HUI  triggers a reflexion  to better take into account an environmental and social responsablity approach.

Following the explanation of the Third Industrial Master Plan deployed in French « Région des Hauts de France », Marc BOURDEAUD’HUI suggested to intergrate the ACM project in this new dynamic of territories development.

In line with the new strategic objectives of the association, the project contributes therefore to  support and gives exemplarity to the main involvement of the association:  sustainibility development of the mining territory.

A french video about the project is available by clicking on the followig link :


News written by Marc BOURDEAUD’HUI.

CEO SENSAE Consulting


Should you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact AUDREY DEUDON (Directrice de l’ ACM).

E-mail : audrey.deudon@nordnet.f

ACM website :

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